Tactical Urbanism Kansas City

An initiative devoted to creating an enjoyable and energetic urban Kansas City core through unique events, opportunities, and people.

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It’s sunny and it’s going to be about 60 degrees around lunchtime, so go ahead and hit the pavement and walk to your favorite downtown lunch spot. The Crossroads, Rivermarket and Central Business District are among some of the most walkable neighborhoods in Kansas City.

Share the view with Tactical Urbanism via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram as you walk to lunch by tagging  #KCWalkToLunch.

While you’re out and sharing, be sure to tag the places you had lunch so that they can see how much you enjoyed your meal. 

Really, tactical urbanism is how most cities are built…It’s step-by-step, piece-by-piece.

Mike Lyndon, co-author Tactical Urbanism 2: Short-Term Action, Long Term Change

Introducing Tactical Urbanism KC

“Tactical Urbanism”: actions intended to create highly enjoyable and energetic urban communities.

These short-term actions—created, gathered, and disseminated—help bring us together as a community and foster the camaraderie befitting the great urban core of Kansas City.

What does this all mean to you? Sharing photographs, videos, stories and events together. Joining us in activities and events that highlight the vitality of urban downtown. Giving extra attention to businesses that may be impacted by construction transformations. Helping us create unique opportunities for enriching the community. Getting to know other members of this great city we call home.

As a subset of the Downtown Council of Kansas City, we at the Tactical Urbanism Initiative look forward to engaging with residents, artists, groups, and businesses to assist in the multifaceted evolution of our urban core. We hope that you will share in this exciting rejuvenation of downtown.